Modeling Beyond Instagram w/ Lia Bass [PHOTO]

Photo credit – FashionStock/Shutterstock


Taking the L from Brooklyn to Manhattan, the lovely and mystical Lia Bass graced us with her 5’10 presence here at WBLS studios. Lia is a model (yes, a model model) shredding her way through the NYC fashion industry and has brands like Gypsy Sport, Alexis Bittar, Paper Magazine, Maison the Faux, and the NBA under her belt. She’s known as @oldirtiislim on Instagram, and you will not be underwhelmed if you follow her. As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, we had to get her perspective as a model of color in an industry dominated by traditional looks.


NBA Campaign


How social media affects your career:…


Lia says that agencies are now paying closer attention to models’ social media following and sometimes determine who is chosen based on this. However, Lia believes that a model’s look, work ethic, and personality should hold greater weight, because someone’s Instagram may not accurately represent those traits.


“Social media is so bittersweet. It can make you overthink things and feel self-conscious if you compare yourself to ‘bigger’ people. You feel like you’re not doing enough because you see what others are doing.


When I start second guessing myself, I have to go on an Instagram cleanse and only post when I’m feeling something. The other side of that is you might get found by an agency or brand that wants to work with you.”


Don’t get us started on hair and makeup