Moments We Are Still Reliving From The VERZUZ Between Big Daddy Kane And KRS-One

This past Sunday was a real big win for Hip-Hop. The world got to witness greatness take place inside the Barclays Center and over social media. 

Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One showed up and showed out for their epic VERZUZ battle. In true VERZUZ, these living legends produced hit after hit after as well as bringing out surprise guests. 

Out of all of the amazing things that took place that night, here are some of our favorite moments from that night. 

Big Daddy Kane Gives His Flowers To Roxanne Shante:

In the midst of the battle, Big Daddy Kane surprised the crowd when he bought out Roxanne Shante and gave her well-deserved flowers. He thanked her for giving him a chance into the rap game. Before she left the stage, she also rapped a quick freestyle to let everyone she still had it. 

KRS-One Blessed The Crowd With Multiple Freestyles: 

KRS-One proved why he was and still, is a force to be reckoned with. KRS hit the crowd with multiple freestyles that left fans in awe. 

The Return Of The B-Boys: 

Both rappers took it back to the very beginning of their era by bringing out the B-Boys. Among the break dancers, was the legendary Crazy Legs. The only thing that was missing was the cardboard box. 

Our Very Own DJ Scratch And Kool DJ Red Alert Represented:

Hats off to DJ Scratch and Kool DJ Red Alert clearly understood their assignment. DJ Scratch was Big Daddy Kane’s DJ and had a moment where he showed off his skills. During KRS-One’s performance of “The Bridge Is Over”, Kool DJ Red Alert showed up and performed with him. They both lit the crowd on fire. 


What were some of your favorite parts during the VERZUZ?