Money Moves! Nas Coinbase Investment Could Reportedly Earn Him Over $100 Million

Nas is making some serious power moves!!

His investment firm Queensbridge Venture Partners jumped on a Series B round when the cryptocurrency exchange platform was valued at around $143 million. Eight years later, Coinbasr is scheduled to go public and listed on NASDAQ which could potentially bring its value to $100 billion.

“Will mark the first official juncture between the traditional financial avenue and the alternative crypto path,” according to a senior analyst.

Sources say:

Queensbridge, which has invested in companies like Robinhood, Lyft, and Dropbox, could get from $34.76 million to $173.8 million based on a formula of $350 per share. Queensbridge currently owns anywhere from 99,329 shares to 496,642.

There is speculation that if Coinbase kicks things up a notch and shares trade at DA Davidson investment bank, the price could go up to $440, bringing Queensbridge a hefty payout that could range from $43.7 million to $218.5 million.