Monica Breaks Up A Fight During Her Performance

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Monica was not here for the physical altercation that was taking place during her performance at R&B Experience Tour while in D.C. 

While singing her hit “Why I Love You So Much”, Monica noticed the commotion happening in the crowd. She then motioned for her band to stop playing to address the brawlers in the crowd. 

“Wait a minute! I’m singing a love song. I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck’ baby, calm that s*** down,” she said. “Somebody take her and get a drink on me! Calm down. They f*****g you up, baby? Me, too! Join the club. Take it on out of here.” 

The people who were fighting were escorted out by security and the show resumed with Monica singing “So Gone” as a celebration of the concertgoers leaving the venue. Fans quickly reacted to the now-viral video, however, in a social media post the singer addressed the issue. 

“Fighting on Why I Love U is WILD!,” she said. “I was bewildered by this behavior during Why I Love U So Much. D.C. was a blast though! LOL.”