Monica Is Reportedly Working On A Country Album Set To Be Released This Year

Monica is getting ready to make new music but it will not be an R&B album. The singer will be dabbling in the world of Country. 

The singer has revealed that she will be releasing a country album by the end of the year. She also stated that Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were some of her influences in the genre and revealed that she was in the studio with the legendary Brandi Carlile. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that Monica would enter the country music space. She was featured on Jimmie Allen’s song “Pray” with the group Little Big Town. 

“Jimmie Allen is an incredible guy who loves his family and knows they’ve brought him through a tremendous amount of things. That’s what we related most about,” Monica said about collaborating with Allen.  

She continued, “Jimmie didn’t call me for “Pray” because he heard I was doing a country album, no one knew. He called because he wanted me on it, that means it was meant [to be].” 

Will you listen to Monica’s debut country album when it is released later this year?