Monica Opens Up About Her Recent Surgery For Endometriosis, Reveals She Had ‘Multiple Blood Transfusions’

Monica opens up about her recent surgery to treat her endometriosis condition.

During an interview with the Daily Blast Live, Monica says she had never even heard of the condition before she was diagnosed with it.

She shares, “well, I had never heard of it [endometriosis], just four years ago when I was diagnosed. Endometriosis is extremely painful, and women, monthly, feel like suffering is a part of the deal when you’re a woman. But you find out when you learn about endometriosis that we shouldn’t be in excruciating pain, and you learn that every age can suffer from endometriosis. So, once I was diagnosed, I initially had the first surgery and it was not like the second. The second was very hard. I was in the hospital for a week and I ended up having multiple blood transfusions. But now being on the mend and recovering I’ve become somewhat of an advocate because I want women to know what this disease is and I want them to know that there is hope for them.”

Watch the interview below.