Morgan Freeman Draws Concern After Massive Weight Loss

DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA - JULY 22: Morgan Freeman attends Oceana's 16th Annual SeaChange Summer Party at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort and Club on July 22, 2023 in Dana Point, California.
(Photo by Corine Solberg/Getty Images)

Morgan Freeman has his friends concerned about his health after his weight loss. 

According to reports, the actor’s friends feel that he is “wasting away” and has hit a “crisis point” in his health after losing 25- pounds. Back in July, the veteran actor made an appearance at Oceana’s SeaChange event where he received recognition for his service to the conservation. However, his weight loss was the topic of conversation. 

A friend of Freeman’s said, “When you suffer the kind of pain he does, your appetite tends to go away. You have to worry for him.” It was reported that before the July event, Freeman had to postpone his press tour in the UK due to catching a contagious infection. 

Another friend of the actor said, “Morgan is still one of the hardest-working men in Hollywood. But the poor guy is in incredible pain. It hurts him to walk, get out of a chair, and even just move his arms. He mostly suffers in silence, but he’s in agony much of the time.” 

If you remember, in 2008 Morgan Freeman was involved in a car accident that left him with bad shoulder pain and circulation issues. He was also diagnosed with chronic fibromyalgia. 

We will keep Morgan Freeman in our thoughts and prayers.