Ms.Pat Speaks On Her V-103 Firing, Calls Big Tigger ‘A Hater’

Ms.Pat Speaks On Her V-103 Firing, Calls Big Tigger 'A Hater'

One year after being fired from  V-103, Ms.Pat is breaking her silence about her termination.

Ms.Pat, real name Patricia Williams, called out media personality and her ex-co-host Big Tigger. She alleged that she and her former co-host Shamea Morton were given the boot allegedly due to male ego.

The Ms.Pat Show star got candid about her final days co-hosting The Big Tigger Morning Show during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Ms.Pat spent two years co-hosting The Big Tigger Morning Show with Big Tigger and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Morton.

Opening up about how things actually came to an end, the comedian accused V-103 and Big Tigger of firing her and Shamea Morton at Big Tigger’s behest.

“Fired me before I could quit…I told them, I said ‘Imma leave in August’ and before August could get there.. I was blown away. I’d never thought I was gone get fired from that job.”

Ms.Pat says she had already told the network about her plans to quit but had assumed they would renew Morton’s contract. But according to her, she and Morton were blindsided when they were both let go.

The comedian credits Big Tigger for playing a role in her termination. “You know who the hater is … Tigger,” Ms. Pat said. “Tigger is the biggest [expletive] hater. You had a good show and you messed it up because of your ego … To me, it was jealousy.”

Ms.Pat first entered the comedy scene in 2002, winning over hearts in Atlanta. For over twenty years, she’s worked her way up the comedy ranks landing multiple deals. She has appeared in NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, released a stand-up album, Rabbit, had her own Netflix special and premiered her own show.