Ne-Yo Believes That Women Are The Reason For Misogynistic Lyrics In R&B Songs

Ne-Yo is opening up about misogyny and believes that women play a major part in the degrading lyrics about them. 

During a recent interview, the “Sexy Love” singer said that the lyrics in R&B songs are anti-woman because women allow it to be. 

“It’s gotten super misogynistic, which I don’t understand. And mind you, I can only blame us men halfway for that. Because as a woman, if a man sings the word b***h to you and you smile at him, then he’s probably going to do it again,” he said. 

He continued, “The more misogynistic the lyrics get, the more y’all accept it, the more it’s gonna happen. That’s just kinda what that is. So ladies, I love y’all to death, but if y’all want men to stop calling you b****es, stop dancing to them records.”

Ladies, how do you feel about Ne-Yo’s comments about this?