Ne-Yo Opens Up About Being In Polyamorous Relationship

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Ne-Yo is opening up about being in a polyamorous relationship after his divorce from Crystal Renay. 

The singer was recently seen with his two girlfriends and shared his thoughts on legalizing polyamorous marriages within the United States. 

“As an advocate of dating multiple women at once, being married before, what are your thoughts on legalizing polygamy?,” he said when speaking to TMZ. “Legalizing polygamy? I didn’t know it was illegal.”

He continued, “I feel like in the realm of love and romance, you should let people do whatever the hell they want to do,” he said. “Can’t see how it’s hurting anybody.” Asked if polygamous marriages should be legalized, he responded, “Sure, why not?”

Although he wants polygamous marriages to be legalized, he’s not going to wait on the government to live his life. “To be honest, I don’t need the government to tell me what it is I can and can’t do in my personal life.” 

Ne-Yo added after being asked if he had thoughts of marrying multiple women, “I don’t know, depends on the situation. I’m not going to let it ruin my day. At the end of the day, the people I love know I love them and they love me.”

Ne-Yo states that this current relationship is his first time with two women at the same time. What are your thoughts on this?