Ne-Yo Reveals Wife Crystal Smith Said ‘No to a Vasectomy’

Congrats to Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith!

The couple is currently expecting baby number three. During a recent interview with Too Fab, Ne-Yo reveals that they do want more children.

“decided that she doesn’t want any more children, and I’m following her lead on that.”

He also added that she doesn’t want him to get a vasectomy.

“No, no , no — not getting the surgery. Now mind you… my plan was to get the surgery, but she was like, ‘No, no, no, don’t get the surgery because if we ever decide we do want any more kids then we can’t do it.’”

‘I’m like, ‘You just said you didn’t want more kids?’ And she was like ‘I don’t want no more kids right now, but what if I want some…’ I’m like, ‘Oh.’”

He adds:

“So this last one is the plan, and then if God decides he wants us to have some more, I guess we’ll have some more.”

Ne-Yo was in the hot seat after fans speculated that he forced his ex-fiancee, Monyetta Shaw, to get her tubes.

What are your thoughts on Crystal not wanting her husband to get a vasectomy?