Ne-Yo Talks About His New Blended Family, A Perfect Duet & Respect in The Industry [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

It was just a few months ago that Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo stepped in the studio with Shaila days before his third child, Roman Alexander-Raj, with wife Crystal Renay, but now that he’s had some time away with the baby, he decided to come back and update Shaila – and his fans – about what’s going on in his life.  

With Christmas around the corner, New York’s Sweetheart asked Ne-Yo about his holiday traditions and which of them he’s carried from his childhood into adult life.

“The only tradition we really had was mom let us open one gift on Christmas Eve.”

He continued, “I don’t really know if that’s very traditional. That’s something that we got. We’ll let the kids open on Christmas Eve then save the rest for Christmas Day. Other than that, we kinda wing it.”

As the conversation went on, Ne-Yo opened up about his newly blended family and how they’re working together to celebrate the season together.

“It’s been different since me and Mo’s separation, and just the whole alternating back and forth with the kids. We kidna had issues putting together any specific traditions just because one year they’re with us and one year they’re not. But now that we’re doing it the way that we’re doing it, we definitely have to figure out some things that are blended-family traditions that we all get together and do.”

The Arkansas-born entertainer chatted away as he Shaila talked possible duets, his growth in the music and entertainment industry, and the respect he’s earned in the industry.

Check out his latest WBLS visit below.