Ne-Yo’s Ex Force To Stay Quiet About Current Custody Battle

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Ne-Yo received a small win in his current custody battle with his ex Sadé Bagnerise. 

According to reports, the “Sexy Love” singer has pleaded with the courts to have Bagnerise banned from speaking publicly about their ongoing legal battle. Earlier this year, he filed a paternity suit against his ex to be established as the biological father of her two sons. 

The filing also asked for a DNA test to be conducted on the youngest son, not only to confirm that he is father but to also give him his last name, which is Smith. Ne-Yo requested joint legal and physical custody and agreed to pay child support, however, he is waiting on the judge to determine the amount. 

Bagnerise has countersued and asked the judge for primary custody of her children and also asked that Ne-Yo only be granted joint legal custody. She requested that the singer get the children every other weekend with alternating holiday time as well as asking for court-ordered temporary and permanent child support. 

After being acknowledged at the children’s father, the court documents states that Sadé cannot, “discuss the proceedings and any aspect of the proceedings in the media to include but not limited to social media, print media, internet, radio and/or television media in further directives held under the Domestic Relations Standing Order.” 

If anything is discussed from Sadé’s end, she could face serious repercussions. What are your thoughts on this?