Neighbors Who Harassed Black Long Island Mother For Years, FINALLY Arrested & Charged

Steps closers to justice!

A Long Island mother can rest a little more peacefully now. For the past three years, Jennifer McLeggan, a Black nurse/essential worker who moved to Long Island (Valley Stream), New York, has been getting harassed by her racist white neighbors.

Jennifer says that her neighbors, John McEneaney and his father Michael McEneaney, basically made her life a living hell. They repeatedly threw dog feces and mutilated squirrels on her lawn while threatening her with racial barbs. The situation got so out of hand that Jennifer wrote a long note on her door, warning people of what’s going on and letting people know that she lives in FEAR EVERY DAY.

Jennifer filed dozens of complaints but was ignored by authorities until her story went viral after posting the long note outside of her home. Protestors marched for Jennifer, including our very own Patricia Robinson.

Since authorities wouldn’t protect Jennifer, a group of black men stepped up to the plate and began watching outside of her home. Blavity reports County Police Commissioner Pat Ryder said police didn’t have “any evidence of any bias” and that the department would continue to look into the matter. However, at one point, Jennifer was fined by the city for having feces in her yard and took surveillance video that showed it came from her neighbors. She received a $5,000 judgment, according to NBC 4, so technically, there was “evidence.”

Earlier this week, the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office said John had been charged with criminal mischief and harassment and that his partner, Mindy Canarick, was hit with a criminal tampering charge. The couple will be arraigned on Monday (August 24). 

Jennifer’s lawyer, Heather Palmore said her client’s neighbor’s behavior went on for too long. 

“For years (Jennifer) felt unsafe coming to a place she was supposed to feel safe at, coming home. But it’s more representative of the overall state of the poor relationship between the police and the Black community here on Long Island.” 

Jennifer wrote a sweet message online thanking District Attorney Madeline Singas for “arresting her tormentors.”

She also thanked a man named Mr. Lawrence who guarded her home in his black truck for the past month.

Since the start of the 2020 civil rights movement, our late-night radio personality Miabelle devoted her show to spread the Black Lives Matter message and fight for our community. She’s also been a vessel for those who need their stories heard. A few months back, community members protecting Jennifer called the station to tell Mia what they can do to help. Take a look: