New Music Friday: John Legend Releases New Album “LEGEND”

It’s Friday so that means new music!

John Legend
John Legend’s New Album “LEGEND”

Music veteran and EGOT holder, John Legend has had a series of wins this year. He launched his Las Vegas Residency , announced that he and wife, Chrissy Teigan, are expecting a new child, he is returning as a coach on The Voice, launched a songwriting class, and released a new album.

On Friday September 9th,  John Legend released his first double album, “LEGEND”. The new album has two 12-track discs and features a range of artists some including Muni Long, Rick Ross, Rapsody and Saweetie.

In an statement, Legend expressed the meaning and production process of the new album:

“LEGEND is a double album that began its journey in early 2021. We were spending a lot of time with our closest loved ones, grieving the ones we lost, but also looking forward to a brighter time when we could better protect ourselves from the virus that disrupted all of our lives. We were ready to go back outside! Ready to celebrate again. And I was ready to make music!”

Legend revealed that this album assisted him during his healing process after suffering loss in his family. “My family and I have also been challenged by loss and grief and pain. I wanted to make space on this album to be vulnerable, spiritual and reflective. I needed this music to help me heal, and to hopefully help others heal. I brought my full self to this album, and that’s why I decided to make it my first (sorta) self-titled album.”

In an interview with USA TODAY, Legend was asked if he had any concerns on sharing the news of their current pregnancy. He replied, that he and Chrissy are being both cautious and optimistic. He added, “but at some point, we had to let people know. If they saw her out looking pregnant, we didn’t want people to speculate and we also didn’t want to not leave the house for nine months. When she started to show, we said, let’s just tell people. It doesn’t mean things will go according to plan. We just don’t know. And that feeling is more acute when you’ve suffered a loss.”

Listen below: