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Fabolous Messaging Model on Instagram after Reuniting With Girlfriend Emily B

Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty 

Rapper Fabolous is back in the hot seat. Following the domestic dispute that happened earlier this year with girlfriend Emily B, the two seems to being working on their relationship. But, it looks like the rapper is back to his old ways.

He was allegedly trying to make a pass at an Instagram model named Fiorelle Zelaya and she nipped it in the bud real quick! When Fab reached out and asked “You don’t stay in NY, do you?” she wrote, “Nah I’m good love, enjoy.”

She also shared on her Instagram account.

1. I’m Engaged
2. I hate abusive men.
3. I hate cheaters.
4. I have a business email.
5. I’m not in NY.
6. I love my teeth.
7. I have standards.
8. I’m not a video vixen.
9. Read #1.

Clearly, she was referencing the physical altercation between Fab and Emily B in March when he knocked her teeth out.

Hey, maybe it was a friendly message and Emily has nothing to worry about. Despite it all, the couple is trying to make it work. According to a source, “The public doesn’t really know this, but they live together again. They were back together shortly after the situation blew up on social media.”

Chile. This whole situation is just messy. See the screenshots below.





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