Nick Cannon Opens Up About Health Issues: ‘I Might Die In the Morning, Why Wear Condoms?’

An old interview resurfaced from 2017 where Nick Cannon opens up his health issues. He appeared on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ where he talked about almost losing his life while at the hospital.

Nick says:

“When you experience near-death situations – life-threatening situations – it’s honest, it’s real. I feel like ‘Yo, I’m running out of time.’ Every time I think I’m doing good, then I got to go back to the f***ing hospital. Almost died this time [due to] the blood clots and s**t.”

When Nick was asked if he feared death he responded by saying:

“I don’t fear it, I welcome it! I got to a space now where [I can say] I’m probably gonna die sooner than most people. I mean, that’s what the doctor said. But I’m living life like ‘F**k, I might die in the morning, so let’s f**k all night! So why wear condoms? I might not be here tomorrow!’”

Nick welcomed his twins with Abby De La Rosa last week. It was confirmed his seventh baby is on the way with another woman.

Check out the clip below: