Niecy Nash on Bill Cosby Sentencing: ‘Don’t Just Let it be the Brown People’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Getty Images

TMZ caught up with actress and comedian Niecy Nash at Los Angeles’ LAX airport, and asked her what she thought of Bill Cosby’s sentencing verdict. Nash said her heart is with the victims, but the law can’t only apply to Black and brown people.

“I think you’ve gotta believe the victim in all cases – that’s with Trump, that’s with Kavanaugh, that’s with everybody. Don’t just let it be the brown people.”

Nash continued, saying, “I’m for the victims, and while we’re at it, let’s figure out what the hell we’re gonna do with these damn Catholic priests. How about that. I don’t even care about Black, white, brown. I do care about if it’s unjust. If you only convict the Black and brown. But the victims – those are the ones my heart goes out to.”

Cosby began his 3 – 10 year prison sentence after Judge Steven O’Neill’s ruling at the Montgomergy County Courthouse yesterday (Sept. 25). 

Watch everything Niecy Nash had to say, below.