OH NO: Tiny Harris Reportedly Had $750K Worth of Jewelry Stolen From Car, Including Wedding Rings!

photo credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images

This isn’t good. 


Tameka Harris also known as Tiny, reportedly had $750K worth of jewelry stolen out of her Lamborghini. Reports claim the singer and wife to rapper T.I., was dining with a friend at Bar Amalfiin in Atlanta when her car was broken into.


The car was parked around 8:45pm and she returned to it a little after 11:00pm. Harris told police that she usually keeps the blue velour bag in the console of her car. Not only dd the bag have multiple pieces of her jewelry in it, but it also had her wedding rings in it.


The car had no visual signs of force, which could mean someone who had access to the car took the jewelry. Tiny did report a friend went to the car to get a deck of cards, but they had no knowledge of the jewelry bag.  


Tiny or husband T.I. has spoken out about reports as of yet.