Olympic Medalist Tori Bowie’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

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The death of Olympic Medalist Tori Bowie was a complete shock for her family, loved ones, and fans, however, the medical examiner has revealed what caused her sudden passing. 

In May we reported that Bowie, 32, was found dead in her apartment. The medical examiner has reported that she died from complications of childbirth. 

The report also says that she was about eight months pregnant and in labor around the time of her death. No details have been released about Bowie’s physical state before and during the pregnancy. 

A welfare check was requested after she wasn’t seen or heard from in a few days. Before the official report came out about her death, many people thought that she may have harmed herself, but it is believed that her high blood pressure and eclampsia were factors in her death. 

We will continue to keep her family in our thoughts and prayers.