Oprah Winfrey Celebrates Her Father With An Appreciation Day Event

Oprah Winfrey is celebrating her father while he is still here to enjoy it. 

The media mogul threw her father an appreciation party on the fourth of July. The event was called the “Vernon Winfrey Appreciation Day”, and it was filled with family, friends, food, and a barber’s station, which was a tribute to Vernon, who was a barber for 50 years. 

In an Instagram video, Winfrey said, “My father is ill and so we wanted to be able to have all of his friends come and celebrate him while he’s able to receive the joy.” 

According to reports, Vernon Winfrey is currently battling cancer,  and Oprah wanted to pay homage to her father by acknowledging him. She thanked him for “being the kind of father who has brought honor to your life and honor to my life.” 

She continued, “I learned from your good work ethic, showing up, being on time- that is why for 26 years of The Oprah Winfrey Show, I never missed a show.” 

The surprises for her father didn’t stop. She flew in her aunt, (her father’s sister) from Mississippi where they had an emotional embrace. 

Oprah Winfrey went to live with her father at the age of 14 after living with her maternal grandmother, then her mother.