Oprah Winfrey + Gayle King + Ava DuVernay Don’t Want To Be Called ‘Auntie’ Anymore!

Photo Credit: Michael Kovac – Getty Images


Oprah, Gayle, and Ava have had enough!


The multi-talented trio is often referred to as ‘Auntie’ in a respectful way via social media users and fans; nonetheless, Oprah Magazine published an article where they thoroughly explain why Oprah, Gayle, and Ava don’t like it.


Ava DuVernay expressed that the reference seems ageist when she stated: “Auntie Ava? Why? Am I that old?!” she asked…”Because I don’t feel that old! And it’s not a respect thing…Auntie Ava, like…Aunt Jemima?”


Oprah Winfrey stated: I cringe being called Auntie or Mama by anybody other than my nieces or godchildren.”


Gayle King stated: “I get that it’s a sign of respect, but no one’s calling Beyoncé Auntie Beyoncé!”


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