P-Valley Star Elarica Johnson Speaks On Leaving After Two Seasons

Actress Elarica Johnson is speaking on her departure from the hit show P-Valley just after two seasons.

In the show, Johnson who played the role of Hailey explains why she chose to say goodbye to her character for good stating that it was time to go. “Well, actually I knew when it was happening because it was my choice,” she said in a recent interview. 

She continued, “It’s something I discussed with Katori Hall, (the showrunner). Looking at the scripts this season, and the journeys of the characters, and where the Pynk was going, Autumn’s journey felt like it was coming to an end. She has done what she needed to do and it was time for her to move on.” 

Johnson went on to speak on the role that her character played and the mark that her character has left. “A huge mark and there’s going to be a big space moving on. She was a big personality and was the keyhole into Chucalissa and the Pynk for the audience. They met these characters through the eyes of Autumn early on and now that everyone’s acquainted, it’s time for her to leave.” 

She added, “Even within her broken relationships, they came from a really nice place. Uncle Clifford will miss the daily arguments with Autumn, but also getting to understand who she was and seeing the softer part of her. The same goes for Mercedes. They learned a lot from each other. The note she leaves on isn’t the best, but she definitely leaves a history with the Pynk and made a big difference on how things will move forward.”

Elarica Johnson spoke to her fans about her exit as well on her Instagram page. See the post below.