Peter Thomas Speaks On Cynthia Bailey’s Divorce News

Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband sends positivity to her as she is going through her current divorce. 

While at BravoCon, Bailey revealed that Thomas reached out to her once the news broke about their divorce. “He said he just wishes me the best. He told me I was a queen and that I deserve the best, so that was really, really nice.” 

Peter and Cynthia were married for seven years before getting a divorce in 2017. A year later she would begin to date Mike Hill and they got married in 2020. The RHOA alum went on to speak about her divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband. 

“Our relationship and our marriage came with a lot of big transitions. I basically moved to a different city, a different house, started a whole new career at 55 years old. So that was all a lot of stress for me,” she said. “I think there was some incompatibility. We’ve always been, for the most part, in a long-distance relationship and that’s not easy.” 

She added, “And I wasn’t always a pleasant person to be with. I’m in full menopause at this point, so I’ve got a lot going on! Listen, this menopause is no joke. It is absolutely no joke.” 

We hope that things are well for Cynthia Bailey.