Police Officer Involved in Tamir Rice Shooting Hired at ‘Small’ Ohio Police Department [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

Tamir Rice’s name will never be forgotten, and neither will the officer – Timothy Loehmann – who fatally shot the 12-year-old boy after receiving a report that someone is pointing a gun at people in front of local Cleveland recreation center. And now, Loehmann’s name is becoming more infamous than ever. 

The disgraced officer, who was fired from the Cleveland Police Department, has now been hired at Ohio’s Bellaire Police Department.

WTOV reporter Brittany Grego says the BPD recently hired six new officers.

When asked why Loehmann was chosen to join their force, the department’s Chief Richard “Dick” Flanagan said, “He’s not quitting on being a police officer. He made a decision (in 2014) that’s going to stay with him the rest of his life.”

He continued saying, “Like anybody else, if you make a mistake, someone’s got to give you a second chance, give someone opportunity. There is no worry, I stand behind this officer … I’ll stand behind this officer like I will any of my officers.”

Grego also reports Chief Flanagan hired “suspended Bethesda Police Chief Eric Smith, currently under investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for allegedly misusing the state’s law enforcement gateway.”

Attorney Subodh Chandra let social media know Tamir’s mother’s “position” via Twitter last night.

”Tamir’s mother’s position is that Loehmann doesn’t belong on any police force anywhere & shouldn’t be foisted upon the citizenry anywhere.”

Tamir’s mother isn’t the only one that feels Loehmann’s hiring is a disgraced.

Social media sounded off and shared their thoughts on this infuriating situation.

Executive Director of the National Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights calls Flanagan’s decision “outrageous.” And says, “We must stop rewarding cops who destroy Black lives.”