Porsha Williams Gushes Over Daughter In New Interview

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The RHOA star, Porsha Williams is opening up about how much her daughter, Pilar, is coming to her own and what being a mother with a blended family is like.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she said that her daughter is shifting right in front of her eyes.

“I was just saying that I am all into princess dresses and any kind of dress, and right now she is against all of that,” she shared. “She wants to wear pants, and if I don’t hurry up and put some pants on her, then she’s like, ‘I want black pants.’ Then it goes to the [other] color, and that’s a whole other thing. So she’s very strong-minded about her fashion sense and everything at this point.”

Williams recently married her husband Simon Guobadia and the two have learned how to have a blended family. Guobadia has five of his older children as well. Williams explained that having all the help she can with her daughter makes things easier for her.

“I would just say normally, when I have to leave her for work, if my mom can be there for me, it really really helps out,” she explained. “It helps me not to freak out like, ‘Oh I’m not around her as much.’ So having the love and support of my mom and my husband, who just spoil her like crazy, helps me with all the mommy guilt and really feeling overwhelmed.”