Potential New Evidence Found Against Alec Baldwin In Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting

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Alec Baldwin may face charges again for the fatal shooting on the set of his film “Rust.”  

Baldwin was charged with manslaughter for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, however, the charges later were dropped.

The forensic report released Tuesday suggests that the revolver used on set would only fire if the trigger was pulled. The weapon was previously examined and broken apart during a test run by the FBI.

Baldwin and his attorney previously claim that he didn’t pull the trigger and was unaware that it contained live ammunition.

Prosecutors, Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis requested the forensic analysis of the gun obtained by Variety.

“This fatal incident was the consequence of the hammer being manually retracted to its fully rearward and cocked position followed, at some point, by the pull or rearward depression of the trigger,” the report stated. “Although Alec Baldwin repeatedly denies pulling the trigger, given the tests, findings, and observations reported here, the trigger had to be pulled or depressed sufficiently to release the fully cocked or retracted hammer of the evidence revolver.”

“The only conceivable alternative to the foregoing would be a situation in which the trigger was already pulled or held rearward while retracting the hammer to its full cock position. Although unlikely and totally contrary to the normal operation of these single-action revolvers, such improper handling would result in the discharge of a live cartridge,” the report added.

The film’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was in charge of handling firearms on the set is facing two counts of involuntary manslaughter.