Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris Jump Starts 2020 Campaign in Hometown [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Mason Trinca/Getty Images

California Senator Kamala Harris kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign in her hometown of Oakland, Calif over the weekend, and residents of Oaktown arrived in droves to support the presidential hopeful.

The California Democrat began her rally with a Black gospel choir singing the National Anthem and a Black pastor reaching the importance of unity.

ABC News reports Harris held her first campaign rally “less than a mile away from where she began her career as a prosecutor,” and she made it clear that she’s determined to be someone focused on “fighting for the people.” 

“I do not lightly dismiss the dangers and the difficulties of challenging an incumbent president. But these are not ordinary times. And this is not an ordinary election,” Harris said as she addressed an estimated 20,000 near Oakland City.

As she continued, Harris made her stance on the current administration very clear.

“Under this administration, America’s position in the world has never been weaker. When democratic values are under attack around the globe, when authoritarianism is on the march, when nuclear proliferation is on the rise, when we have foreign powers infecting the white house like malware.” 

The West Coast native concluded her rally speech saying, “So today I say to you, my friends, these are not ordinary times. And this will not be an ordinary election. But this is our America.”

ABC News says Harris highlighted some imperative issues: “Medicare for All, an income boost of up to $500 a month for working families, criminal justice reforms like ending cash bail, climate change and expanding education by making pre-K universal and college debt-free.”

Go get ’em, Kamala!

Kamala Harris kicks of 2020 presidential campaignPhoto Credit: Mason Trinca/Getty Images