Queen: Ava DuVernay Opens Movie Theater to Help Women of Color Showcase Their Projects

photo credit: Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images


Ava DuVernay is back at it again!

Filmmaker, Ava DuVernay, is known as the mastermind behind the international Netflix hit series “When They See Us” and many more influential films. Well, now the talented director is opening up a brand new movie theater in East Lost Angeles. Her goal is to create a safe space for people of color and women, where they can showcase their work. “The idea was to be disruptive in every system within which artists, especially artists of color and women, have to work in this industry. Every system has roadblocks for people like us, whether it is in acquisition, production, distribution, exhibition, marketing, crewing up. So what we were looking to do was disrupt those systems so that we create normalcy and momentum.”

Not only is the idea behind the theater phenomenal, but so is the interior decor of the space. The seats are a shiny velvet blue color, she describes it as “you walk in and the color hits you. We wanted to be a little rebellious. Look, we’re black ladies. This is our screening room. We want hot pink chairs? We’re going to have them.”

Ava Duvernay always seems to amaze the public with her well thought out empowering ideas.