Queen Latifah Opens Up About Her Life Struggles On The ‘Red Table Talk’

Queen Latifah was the latest guest on Red Table Talk where she became transparent about the struggles she has faced throughout her career. 

In this episode titled, “Queen Latifah is on a Mission”, the rapper/actress revealed that due to her personal struggles it has taken her a long time to understand what her mission was and has also shared plans for a new one. 

She went on to discuss the difficulties she has often faced being a plus-sized woman in entertainment. 

“When your mom is the ideal beauty for us as Black people,” she said talking to Willow. “She looks like my little mini-me when we stand next to each other. I had to figure out how to find clothes that look right on me, on my size, in this world, when designers are not creating those fashion brands that have these sizes. If I was a size 24 and I have style, I still want to rock what the size 2 is wearing. Designers are like ‘No we’re going to stop right here.’ Okay, have you checked the stats on the sizes of the rest of the country? I think you might want to make some clothes in that size. That’s when I realized you don’t want to get it. You don’t want us to look like this. You don’t want us to live this fullness.”

You can watch the complete episode here.