QuestLove Explains Why He Refused Being in the “Surviving R. Kelly” Docuseries

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

QuestLove has been receiving a little bit of heat for refusing to appear in the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”. The docuseries, which premiered on Lifetime on Thursday night, captures the horrific details of the singer’s lifestyle with underraged girls.

He has previously tweeted, which has since been deleted, that he was reluctant in appearing in the docuseries but it’s not for the reason you made think. Quest, finally addressed why he didn’t want to appear in the series.

In a now deleted tweet Quest stated the following,  “I always thought Kels was trash. My reason for declining the RKelly docu that I support 10000000 percent is I didn’t wanna be in the ‘good times’ portion of the doc, like stanning for his ‘genius,’” he tweeted Thursday. “I was asked to talk about his genius. I do not nor have I EVER stanned for him.”