R.I.P: 5th Grader Dies From Serious Injuries in a Classroom Fight

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Rest in peace to fifth grade student, RaNiya Wright. She passed away after suffering severe injuries from a classroom fight. 

Wright was reportedly airlifted from Forest Hills Elementary School after laying in the nurse’s office “unconscious but not breathing.” The elementary student got into a physical altercation with another student, but no reports have stated what caused the incident.

Wright’s mother took to Facebook to suggest that this was a case of bullying, “this is what bullying cause…Stay work parents.” 

After suffering  multiple injuries, Wright was unresponsive and  in critical condition when rushed to the hospital. The young girl sadly passed away on Wednesday, according to reports. The other students who were involved in the altercation were suspended pending investigation. 

“Raniya was a wonderful student. She loved to write, spend time with her friends, play basketball and loved being a big sister. She was actively involved in her church as a junior usher,” the district said in a statement. “She will be missed greatly by her family, friends, and the entire school community.”

“Our entire school district is saddened by this event,” the district said. “It is very difficult to experience the death of a young person.”

We are keeping RaNiya’s family, friends, and loved ones in our prayers.


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