R. Kelly Addresses Sex Cult Allegations, Financial Problems and Calls Out John Legend in New 19-Minute Single, ‘I Admit’

Photo Credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images

R. Kelly has been seemingly quiet about his recent sex cult allegations and the newly-revealed details about marital abuse with former wife Andrea Kelly. But it looks like he’s had enough because he hit the studio to address all the haters, bloggers, storytellers, and colleagues to back off in a new 19-minute single, “I Admit.”

After an 11-second instrumental intro, Kellz gets down to business as he sings, “I admit I have made some mistakes/And I have some imperfect ways…I admit that I dropped out of school/I admit that I wasn’t that cool…I admit, I admit what I did/I done f**ked with a couple of fans/I admit I’m a gift and a curse.”

As he croons over this melodic beat, R. Kelly says he lost his money, he’s clinging onto his fans’ support, he’s touring just to pay the rent, he’s upset with Steve Harvey, John Legend, Ricky Smiley, and more for trying to hold a Black man back, but knows his mother is still proud of him. He “puts that on everything.”

Listen to what R. Kelly has to say to his fans, his foes, and everyone else, below.