R. Kelly Begs Judge to Let him Out of Solitary Confinement!

photo credit: Scott Olson /Getty Images


Things are not looking too good for R&B singer R. Kelly


As we know, the entertainer is currently behind bars after multiple federal. As the trial is pending, and while he’s in prison- he is in solitary confinement because of his celebrity status


According to reports, Kelly feels he is being treated unfairly, and he wants out of solitary confinement as soon as possible!


TMZ reports the Chicago native does not get much contact with other humans. He has “no meaningful interaction with human beings, no time outside getting sunlight, no access to media, no recreational activities, no face-to-face visitations that are not recorded, showering only 3 days a week and one 15-minute telephone call per month. And, he’s not permitted to buy snacks or candy from the commissary. has no access to media, is not allowed to go outside to get sunlight or partake in recreational activities, is not allowed face-to-face visits without being recorded and more.”


R. Kelly is currently charged with multiple different sexual assault, misconduct, and other related charges in the states of Illinois, Minnesota, New York as well as federal charges.