R. Kelly Gets Emotional In First Interview After Sexual Assault Charges [VIDEO]

(Photo by Prince Williams/GettyImages)

R.Kelly gives his first emotionally charged interview with Gayle King after sexual assault charges. In a clip posted on the CBS This Morning’s  Twitter account, Kelly spoke about the accusations that he violated underage girls and keeping women in his house without any contact with their families.

In the clip, Kelly has said that the accusations are not true and claimed that there are just rumors. The singer was also asked if he ever held anybody against their will, where he began to cry and responded “I don’t need to. Why would I? How stupid would it be of R.Kelly, with all I’ve been through in my way, way past, to hold somebody let alone four, five, six, 50 you said. How stupid would I be to do that?”

The full interview airs on CBS This Morning on Wednesday at 7 am.

Watch the clip below.