R.Kelly Shares His Thoughts On Diddy’s Sex Trafficking Allegations

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JUNE 26: R&B singer R. Kelly covers his mouth as he speaks to members of his entourage as he arrives at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building for a hearing on June 26, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Kelly is facing several counts of aggravated sexual abuse
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

R. Kelly is sharing his thoughts on Diddy’s recent sex trafficking allegations. 

During a recent phone interview, the singer stated that he didn’t believe any of the allegations that the music mogul is facing. He also went on to shun the people who have been making fun of the situation. 

“This s**t is crazy. Motherf*****s out here laughing and making comedian jokes and doing all the other s*** on the radio and everything else, but they a** could be next,” Kelly said. “That’s what’s so f****d up about it. They so stupid they don’t even realize the moves that’s going on.” 

He continued, “That’s why I don’t believe none of this s**t. You could tell me about Puffy, you could about anybody in there. You could tell me on the news, the weather, the sky is blue, I’m not gonna believe the s**t. ‘Cause I’m in it now, and I know what they did.” 

This news comes after we recently reported that R. Kelly had filed a lawsuit against the United States for seizing his commissary money. The singer was sued by Heather Williams, the first victim to successfully win her case against him, which awarded her access to his music royalties. 

How do you feel about R. Kelly speaking on Diddy’s situation?