R. Kelly’s Brother Adds to the List of Accusations Against the Singer [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Rick Kern – Getty Images

R. Kelly has been accused over and over again for sexual misconduct with minors, holding women hostage, and more.


The latest accusations come from R. Kelly’s brother, Carey Kelly who says the singer has a control problem.

Carey says that both him and R.Kelly were molested as children, however, he did not turn out like his brother and instead he’s a protector of children.


Carey went on to admit that the ‘Ignition’ singer molested their 14 year-old cousin alluding to the fact that she may have been pregnant by him, but would not confirm that part.


“It’s something that the family kind of figured out and I’d really like for her to tell her story, I really do. If she would speak on it.”


Listen at the 40 min mark for the accusations below:

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