R. Kelly’s Brother, Carey ‘Killa’ Kelly, Drops Diss-Track Aimed at Older Brother’s ‘I Admit’

Photo Credit: David Wolff – Patrick/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, R. Kelly released a 19-minute confessional called “I Admit,” which addressed everything from his poor spelling skills to the accusations of organizing a sex cult and pedophilia. He also points fingers for his problems in every direction — at his managers; his fans; and his brothers, all whom he says have turned on him. Now, His younger brother, Carey “Killa” Kelly has dropped a harsh rebuttal with his track, “I Confess.”

Killa Kelly’s song accuses his brother of having sex with men and purposely spreading STDs.

“You gave them females some crazy disease” he raps. “Something smell fishy, what’s going on/ what kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?”

The younger Kelly’s lyrics come in the wake of a recent Texas-based investigation into R. Kelly, where a 19-year old woman accused the 51-year-old singer of knowingly giving her herpes while he was indoctrinating her into his sex-cult.

Kellz has been estranged from his brother since his child pornography case in 2002. During that case, a rumor spread that Killa was the one peeing on the underage girl in the now infamous sex tape, not R. Kelly.

In a 2006 MTV interview, Killa claims his older brother offered him $50,000, a house, and a record deal in exchange for a recorded statement saying it was him in the video. “I wasn’t willing to sell my soul for a house,” said Killa Kelly.

R. Kelly’s brother says getting blamed for the pee tape ruined his life. According to an interview with MTV, his children were teased and beaten-up in school. As a result, he said he was forced to move multiple times. “Nobody’s saying anything because I’m a nobody,” Killa Kelly said at the time. “That’s the only reason I’m speaking out.”

Listen to the diss-track below.


By: Curtis Brodner