R. Kelly’s Daughter Forced to Drop Out of College After Dad Stops Paying Tuition

Photo Credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

College tuition is no joke, and R. Kelly’s daughter, Joann Lee aka Buku Abi, is learning that the hard way.

According to TMZ, Buku Abi had to leave her California art school of higher education last Fall after she was informed she had an unpaid tuition bill – something her father was supposed to be paying.  

Per Kelly’s child support agreement with ex-wife Andrea Kelly, he’s supposed to handle all of Buku’s college expenses including tuition, books, and housing. As her father’s funding fell off, Buku tried to handle her own textbook fees as long as she could, but once her housing fell through alongside her tuition, she had to no choice but to withdraw from school.

While Kels’ daughter is adamant about her education situation, the Grammy-winning singer tells a much different story regarding Buku’s college life. Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, says his client was only to pay for her schooling upon receipt of tuition bills and school expenses. However, Johnson says Kelly allegedly never received any bills; thus, he never paid.  

Johnson adds that Kelly believed his daughter voluntarily left school, and assumed that’s why he never saw a bill. It’s reported Buku wants to return to college, and will once again be looking to her father for help. But the way his bank account looks these days, only time will tell what the future holds.