R. Kelly’s Ex Wife Andrea Kelly Opens Up About Shocking Alleged Abuse [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Marcus Ingram / Getty Images

Singer R. Kelly’s ex wife Andrea Kelly is breaking her silence about the alleged abuse she endured within her relationship with R. Kelly.

We’ve seen Drea appear on VH1’s Hollywood exes where she also shared her experiences. This time during an interview on the View, she opens up about R. Kelly allegedly attacking her in his Hummer, “A lot of people know that I’m a professional dancer, so my body is my work. I remember one time he did attack me in the back of a Hummer.” The dancer say’s she suffers from PSTD from it

Kelly say’s all she could think was “I’m going to die and he’s going to drive off with my body in the back seat and nobody’s gonna’ know.”

Check out the full interview below.