Rapper Big Sean Partners With Ally Financial To Help Launch Financial Game Created By HBCU Students

Big Sean is all about giving back to the community. 

The rapper has partnered with Ally Financial and the four HBCU interns who created Fintropolis to help launch the financial game that middle school kids teach about money and being financially literate. 

Since its launch this month, Fintropolis has garnered over 700,000 downloads. The game is a new world in Minecraft, which is designed to teach financial education to its young gamers as a way to close the racial wealth gap. 

Big Sean spoke about the game, “Fintropolis is just one example of what HBCU students can do when given the resources and platform to support their dreams.” 

Studies show that the financial literacy rates in the U.S have been declining since 2009 and that less than one-third of adults ages 18-54 can answer basic questions related to personal finance, creating urgency for new approaches to early financial education.

Thoughts on this new launch?