Rapper Birdman Finally Answers Infamous Question Of Why He Kissed Lil Wayne On The Lips

Birdman finally answers the question that everyone was wondering.

During a recent interview, Birdman addresses why back in the day- you’d often see him kiss Lil Wayne on his lips. He explains, “I always looked at Wayne as my son and I always looked at it like, ’cause I was in the streets, and I thought this might be the last time he ever see me,” said Birdman.

“‘Cause I was living like that. That’s what that shit really started from ’cause I thought that every night I leave, I might not ever come back. And I always today look at Wayne as my child.

He continued, “I was his father when he didn’t have a father since he was nine years old. And I love him like my own and I’d give my life for him and I’d take a life for him.”