Rapper JaRule Slammed After Announcing Tax Business Following Fyre Festival Drama

Photo Credit: Theo Wargo / Getty

Do remember the time when Bill McFarland partnered with rapper JaRule for the catastrophic Fyre Festival of 2017??

When the pair charged attendees up to $100,00 for tickets  “luxury” festival sponsored by model influencers, only to receive little in return: mattresses on the ground, nothing but cheese sandwiches to eat and a lack of fundamental necessities. Well, Rule has moved on to a new business venture… he is now promoting tax company Value Tax on Twitter to his followers.

“IT’S TAX SEASON!!! It’s simple walk in let us do your taxes, walk out with cash in hand… we also do credit repair!!!” 

When he was slammed and dragged by social media users he revealed that he was not the owner:

“Calm down y’all Rule won’t be doing your taxes… Value tax does I’m just an Owner!!!”

Also adding:

“Thanks for the promo support black-owned business right??? Thanks for the love.. Value tax been in business over a decade lol but y’all carry on with the foolery!!!”

See the tweets below: