Reality Star Brittish Williams Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

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Former Basketball Wives star Brittish Williams has been sentenced to four years in prison.

According to reports, Williams pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud. In 2021, she received her indictment after she was accused of not paying her taxes and for under-reporting the income from her multiple businesses. The prosecution also states that she was caught using other people’s social security numbers to open up bank accounts. 

Prosecutors claimed that after Williams was indicted that she continued to commit fraud, including collecting payment to help pay her rent during the pandemic. While in court, the reality star and her attorney asked Judge Autrey for a lenient sentence. 

“I knew better and I did wrong anyway,” Williams said to the judge. She also added that she would be heartbroken to be separated from her daughter. However, Judge Autrey was not as swayed and said that she has a “fraudster mentality.” He mentioned the amount of money that Williams made between the years 2017 to 2020, which was $150,000. 

The judge also admitted that Williams’ fame played a part in him making his decision. “Not only are you out there for people to watch your entertainment, but also for people to watch you… That’s a big obligation.”

This sentence is lighter than the 63 years that she was supposed to receive. We are keeping her and her family in our thoughts and prayers.