Reality Star Draya Michele Opens Up Getting Illegal Butt Injections

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Draya Michele is getting candid about the work she had done on her body. 

In a recent interview the reality star talked about her body and cleared any misconceptions that people may have about her. “Through my adulthood, I have made alterations to things,” she said. “There’s a lot of misconceptions about the work that I have had done.” 

She stated that she never had a Brazilian butt lift but did say that she had illegal butt injections roughly ten years ago. “I came out on a TV show in 2011. In 2013, 10 years ago, I got butt shots. One round, the most mildest thing you could get, because it was set up to get multiple [rounds of injections].” Draya went on to say that the injections were “the illegal kind. The ghetto kind.” 

“It was just about who can do it and who had the track record of being able to do it. And I trusted the person who did it,” Draya added. “I was very happy- the world is happy with the results. But I’ve only touched my actual butt one time. And, no, it wasn’t ‘cause I took fat from my stomach and put it into my butt.’ 

The model also revealed that she had two boob jobs due to her first set of boobs being too big and 10 years old. She claimed that she had got a breast lift and small implants. 

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