Reality TV Star Dr. Jackie Walters Receives Backlash For Comments About Black Pregnant Women

Married to Medicine star Dr. Jackie Walters comes under fire after clips of her resurfaced where she accused pregnant Black women of not being taken seriously by medical professionals because they cry wolf and are dramatic.


In the three-year-old clip, Dr. Walters said, “Sometimes as African American women, we’re a bit more dramatic. In that, you go the doctor and you complain and you complain and you complain, and you’re not taken seriously ’cause you cried wolf the entire pregnancy.”


She went on to say, “As African American women, we want to also make sure you’re being serious with your doctor and not playing the game so I can take you off work. Because then, we see you 25 times in the pregnancy, it’s hard to believe that there’s a true problem when there’s a true problem.”


People on social media did not like what she said and shared their opinions about the comments. See what they had to say below.






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