Rihanna Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

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Rihanna is putting to rest the rumors about her being pregnant. 

During the launch of her Fenty Hairline, the singer was asked about the pregnancy rumors. “Can I get my six-pack back first?” she asked during her interview. “I don’t think I ever had one but still. Let me go to Carnival one summer. Please, one summer.” 

However, she’s not opposed to having another child. “I would not be mad,” she said. “I would just cry out of pure anxiety for one day and then I think I’ll just get over it the next. I won’t be mad, I would just be scared. 

Rihanna shares two children with rapper A$AP Rocky. Aside from putting the pregnancy rumors to bed, she did confirm that she is working on new music. In another interview, she revealed that her long-awaited ninth studio album is in the works. 

“Music for me is a new discovery. I’m rediscovering things. I have been working on the album for so long that I kind of just put all that stuff aside,” she said. “Now I’m prepared to go back into the studio. Now I’m prepared. So I’m gonna start.”

Rihanna revealed that is “starting over” with this album,”R9″. “I don’t wanna neglect the songs that I have. So I wanna go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective, and see what applies and what I still am in love with.”

At the moment, there are no details on when the album will be out.