Rihanna Speaks Out About Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension

After news about Sha’Carri Richardson being suspended testing positive for traces of marijuana, many people took to social media to show their support for her. 

The suspension was set for 30-days which would have been over on August 5th would have qualified her to be a part of the 4×100 relay race. However, when the USA Track and Field team released their roster, Richardson’s name was not on the list. 

After more voices came forward in support of Richardson, Rihanna spoke out against the suspension. When someone asked the singer her thoughts on the suspension, she responded, “Oh man, it sucks, you know.” 

She continued, “It sucks, it really does suck. But all is not lost, everything happens for a reason.” 

The suspension of Sha’Carri Richardson sparked nationwide attention. The USATF team said in a statement that they were “incredibly sympathetic toward Sha’Carri Richardson’s extenuating circumstances.” They also agreed that the international rules about marijuana should be amended. 

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