Rising Stars In R&B: Blxst, the Voice Behind the Viral Hits.

Meet Blxst! The genre-fluid vocalist you’ve been hearing on TikTok!

There’s an argument to be made that Blxst is one of the most successful burgeoning R&B artists in music right now. His unique delivery and incorporation of hip-hop elements blurs the genre lines that listeners have grown accustomed to. Blxst is cut from the cloth of Ty Dolla $ign in his ability to sing speech patterns commonly associated with rapping.

Coincidentally, Ty Dolla $ign is featured on Blxst’s most popular song Chosen which only reached 53 on the Billboard charts – but was unavoidable on TikTok for months. 


Following the success of Chosen, Blxst’s catalog was discovered by millions – bringing relevance and millions of streams to a number of songs he’d released in 2019 and 2020. The 29 year old vocalist should be on everyone’s radar, he’s had a hot 2021 despite only recently appearing in features and mixtapes.

Earlier this month his single About Me was released. It was the first solo-single that Blxst has released in a year, which leads me to believe he’ll be releasing an album in the coming weeks or months. 

There may be some confusion about whether or not Blxst is singing or rapping, but that’s a good thing. Having an ambiguous sound allows for your music to remain undefined, which has been the key to success for artists like Drake and Doja Cat who live in both the hip-hop and R&B worlds. 

Although Blxst is yet to achieve mainstream or brand name recognition, expect a big 2022 out of the rising star. Oh yeah- if you’re wondering, his name is pronounced “Blast.”