Rockmond Dunbar Files Lawsuit Over Being Fired From Fox’s ‘9-1-1’

Actor Rockmond Dunbar is fighting back against being fired from the hit show 9-1-1. 

He has recently filed a lawsuit against Disney and 20th Television in the U.S. District Court. In the lawsuit, Dunbar claims that he was denied medical and religious exemptions from the vaccine protocol. 

It also states “the parent company production company terminated Mr. Dunbar’s employment agreement and also refused to pay him the hundred of thousands of dollars that are still owed to him.” 

The lawsuit also alleges that both companies “wrongfully leaked negative information to the media to purposely make it sound like Mr. Dunbar was an anti-vaxxer.” 

Rockmond Dunbar is currently seeking $1.3 million in compensation for the violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the California Fair Employment Housing Act and principles of contract law, and other damages. 

We reported that Dunbar was abruptly fired after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to certain accommodations. On the show, he played Michael Grant, the ex-husband of Angela Bassett’s character, Athena Grant. 

At the beginning of season five, viewers saw Dunbar’s character leave Los Angeles to go on a mission trip to Haiti with his neurosurgeon fiancé.